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Host a Donation Drive in Your Community


Read below for info on creating a teddy bear donation drive with groups you are involved in, family/friends, or starting a teddy bear toss! Donations can be gifted locally in any area in the country to our local partners in 24/7 need, or you can contact us for an AZ pick up of the bears you donate.

Teddy Bear Toss!

Reach out to local sports teams you have a connection with (elementary, high school, college, intramural teams, professional teams) and ask about doing a teddy bear toss. This is a popular way to encourage donations of stuffed animals. The team would designate one game as the 'teddy bear toss' game and observers bring a stuffed animal donation they throw out on the field/rink/court during a break or half time.


Host your own drive!

Utilize your connects to start a teddy bear drive with friends/family, your school, local businesses, etc. Encourage the community or group to donate for a certain period of time, then bag up the donations and drop them off at a local fire station or chapter of the Red Cross. You can also contact us to help you find one of our local partners in your area that is in 24/7 need (typically fire stations or local Red Cross).


Another simple way to incorporate teddy bear donations is if you are attending or hosting an event, ask attendees to bring a stuffed animal to donate to your drive.

Take lots of photos and send them to us! We will likely use them in content on our website, social media, and newsletters.


If you would like help making an official flyer to promote your teddy bear drive please reach out to us! We are happy to help promote your efforts. Keep track of the amount of bears you donate, and send us an email with any photos, the number of donations and if you need a service hour form after your donation drive is complete. You can email: - we are happy to sign off on any community service hours and/or provide a letter of recommendation as well for your efforts.

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