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Out Now! October 2023

Miss Prepared & Captain Ready: Adventures in Safetyland

Embark on a Journey of Courage and Safety!


Step into the enchanting world of Safetyland, where two remarkable heroes, Miss Prepared and Captain Ready, take you on an unforgettable adventure.


When an unusual smell wafts through the air, Miss Prepared and Captain Ready spring into action. Along the way, they meet Sparky, a playful dragon who learns valuable lessons about fire safety, guided by the brave duo.


Through vibrant illustrations and heartwarming storytelling, this tale emphasizes the significance of fire safety. Miss Prepared and Captain Ready share essential tips on fire prevention and emergency response, ensuring that you too can be a Safetyland Hero.


At the end of the journey, don't miss the chance to unleash your creativity with a captivating coloring page, where you can bring the characters and scenes to life with your imagination. And for those who complete the adventure, a special Safetyland Hero Certificate awaits, recognizing your commitment to safeguarding yourself and others.

Purchase Miss Prepared

Home Fires are the deadliest and most common disasters across America. In the average home fire, you have just 2 minutes to safely escape so teaching children life saving skills in times of fire is crucial. "Miss Prepared & Captain Ready" is currently for sale in the Lulu Bookstore, grab a copy for Fire Prevention Month this October! Scroll down to learn more about the Author and Illustrator, get our free lesson plan or request a free copy for your organization. 

Get a Free Copy

Work for a title 1 school, library, fire department, company or organization that could benefit from a free copy of "Miss Prepared and Captain Ready"? As we receive funding, we will go through the form below and gift free copies to benefit children nationwide. Please fill out the form below to request a copy and contact us with any questions. 


Enhance your child's fire safety education with our free lesson plan designed to complement our book "Miss Prepared and Captain Ready: Adventures in Safetyland."


This engaging and informative lesson plan is perfect for educators, parents, and caregivers looking to teach children essential fire safety skills. Through interactive activities, discussions, and the beloved characters from the book, kids will learn vital lessons to keep themselves and their families safe from fire hazards. Download it today and empower your children with the knowledge they need to stay safe!

About the Author

Mimi Hymel

With a heart fueled by resilience and a passion for both

storytelling and making a positive impact, Mimi Hymel

brings a unique blend of experiences to the world of

children's literature. A graduate of the nationally renowned

Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass

Communication at Arizona State University, Mimi has

always been drawn to the power of words and their ability

to shape perceptions and influence change.


However, Mimi's journey goes beyond the realms of journalism. Fueled by a deeply personal experience, she founded the nonprofit, Comfort Bears in a Catastrophe, a heartwarming organization that offers comfort to kids facing the aftermath of disasters. To date, her nonprofit has gifted thousands of Comfort Bears to kids in all 50 states with the help of the community. This book is a continuation of her efforts to ensure children are not just resilient, but prepared in times of disaster. The skills kids will learn in this book can save lives.

Mimi also stands tall as a dedicated volunteer with the Red Cross. This was ignited by her own experience as a survivor of Hurricane Katrina. Through adversity, Mimi found her inner superhero—someone who not only overcame trials but emerged stronger, resilient, and driven to share her insights with the world.

In "Miss Prepared and Captain Ready," Mimi Hymel seamlessly weaves her passion for storytelling, disaster preparedness, and empowering young minds. Drawing inspiration from her own life journey, she creates a world where imagination and knowledge collide, resulting in a narrative that is both empowering and engaging. This isn't just about learning to respond to emergencies; it's about fostering a sense of readiness that can positively influence their lives. Mimi's story is one of transformation, empathy, and the unshakable drive to make the world a better place—one word, one page, and one reader at a time.

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About the Illustrator

Isabel Ticlo

Meet the talented artist behind the vibrant and captivating

illustrations that grace the pages of "Miss Prepared and

Captain Ready": Isabel, a remarkable individual who

seamlessly combines beauty, creativity, and purpose in her


Isabel's journey as an illustrator is as unique as her art itself.

As the former Miss Arizona 2018, she has already made her

mark as an advocate for positive change and empowerment.

In "Miss Prepared and Captain Ready," Isabel's illustrations

aren't just drawings—they're windows into a world where imagination and reality converge. Her art breathes life into the characters and situations, ensuring that every visual element carries a sense of whimsy, education, and empowerment.

Isabel's dedication to the project mirrors her commitment to making a meaningful impact. By partnering with Mimi Hymel and lending her artistic abilities to this endeavor, it is our hope that her illustrations not only captivate your imagination but also inspire you to learn in new, fun ways.


As you journey through "Miss Prepared and Captain Ready," take a moment to appreciate the magic that Isabel's illustrations bring to the narrative. Her skillful artistry serves as a reminder that creativity knows no bounds, and through it, messages of preparedness, resilience, and empowerment can touch hearts and minds in a profound way.

So, as you delve into this enchanting world of storytelling and art, remember that Isabel's illustrations are more than just drawings—they are gateways to understanding, growth, and the limitless potential that lies within the pages of a book.

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