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Meet Our Ambassadors

These individuals are passionate about our cause and dedicated to making a difference in their communities. Learn more about our ambassadors below.

Meet Our Ambassadors

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Heather Nunez

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Heather Nunez is a Dominican-American, born and raised in New York. She grew up visiting the Dominican Republic every year to see her family who still lived in the country. From a young age, Heather saw the vast differences between the opportunities available to those living in the Dominican Republic opposed to the United States. As a citizen of the US, she became determined to utilize the opportunities afforded to her and bring honor to her family. Although Heather is currently living out a dream, her life hasn’t always been without hardships. Overcoming challenges inspired her to share her story and study Criminal Justice to help others in their times of need. She wants women to know that life will have obstacles and it can be hard to speak up or ask for help, but it is important to believe in yourself. Heather is honored to represent her home state of New York as your Miss New York USA 2022.

Why Our Cause: Using my social media platform to raise awareness for nonprofits can create significant impacts.


Kaycee Krell

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Kaycee Krell is a junior at The University of Kansas studying Community Health with ambitions of becoming an M.D! Kaycee is the reigning Miss Cowley County 2023 in Kansas, promoting her social impact initiative called The M.I.R.R.O.R: A Reflection on Bullying and Suicide Prevention. She is the founder of her own youth training and mentoring program, Kaycee’s Warriors. Kaycee is a warrior in the fight against bullying and an avid change-maker in her community.

Why Our Cause: Mental health and trauma are things I am passionate about and have openly struggled with as a bully victim. I wish I had a Comfort Bear when I was alone, scared, and lost. I want to help children feel seen and validated in their experiences, and I can do that as a Comfort Bears ambassador!


Brylin Schut

Brylin is a 3rd grader who is currently Miss Southwestern State with Miss Elementary America. She has a passion for helping others and making people smile. Her last fundraiser involved collecting school supplies and delivering the donations to a school in need in Jamaica. 

Why Our Cause: I would love the opportunity to help bring smiles and joy to others!


Mattie Mae Krause

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Mattie Mae Krause is a third year medical student at Midwestern University studying Podiatric Medicine (DPM). She is also involved in multiple research projects in the fields of podiatry, sports medicine, and service animals. Mattie Mae is also very active in the community, volunteering and working with nonprofits supporting therapy and service animals. She is the proud dog mom of her three fur-babies Leia, Solo, and Chewie. In her free-time Mattie Mae loves to compete in Spartan races, play her flute, and take dance classes.

Why Our Cause: I am so passionate about being able to help other going through trauma and hard experiences whether with service and therapy animals or with Comfort Bears! I want to be able to help those in need of support- especially those experiencing it at such a young age. We may not be able to prevent all catastrophes from occurring but we can make sure that we come together as a community and help minimize the damage and ensure others are able to get back on their feet.


Sydney Thomas

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Sydney is a high school sophomore in Phoenix. She's a varsity cheerleader and a member of the National Honor Society. Sydney is a commissioned artist who’s had a passion for visual art since she was four. This passion led her to create Art 4 Hearts in 2019, empowering and inspiring underprivileged girls no matter what they’ve been through. She has led numerous art projects in group homes and after school programs, as part of her mission through Art 4 Hearts, #CultivatingQueens. 

Why Our Cause: I believe in showing compassion
to others and sewing into the lives of those in need.
The Comfort Bears organization is proof that something
so simple can make a major impact for a child facing
difficult circumstances. It is a joy to see children feel
loved, and giving Comfort Bears is truly an amazing
way to do that! 


Serenity Carrigan

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Serenity has a love for the performing arts. She loves to  sing, act, and tap dance. Serenity is the current Miss Yavapai County's Teen, going to compete at Miss Arizona's Teen in June!

Why Our Cause: I love being able to help support anyone in anyway that I can and this cause is such a good way to keep doing what I love.

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