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Miss Prepared + Captain Ready's

Just like Miss Prepared and Captain Ready, you can lend a helping hand in times of disaster and become a Preparedness Hero. Below, we've listed a range of ideas suitable for all ages to contribute post-disaster.



Create encouraging cards for children impacted by disasters

Our nonprofit accepts encouraging card donations year round for the children we serve. You can find more details with sample messages, mailing information and more here: 


Donate a new teddy bear or host a teddy bear drive

Our nonprofit accepts new stuffed animals year round to help the children we serve. We have partners in all 50 states that we work with the get these cuddly friends into the arms of children who need them most. If you are not local to Arizona, please reach out about which city you are looking to donate Comfort Bears in and we will send a list of our partners that accept them 24/7. 



Set up a lemonade stand to raise money for a charity helping post-disaster

Set up a lemonade stand to raise funds you can donate to a nonprofit helping in your community after a disaster. Some we suggest are: Our cause (Comfort Bears in a Catastrophe), Red Cross, Team Rubicon and the Salvation Army. 


Collect and donate school supplies for children affected by the disaster

Sometimes schools are closed for a period of time after a disaster. Ensure children have the supplies they need to learn again when school is open. 


20% of children who are displaced after a disaster are either not enrolled or not regularly attending school, missing an average of 10 school days a month. Supplies is one step in helping them stay in school. 

School Supplies


Volunteer at local shelters or disaster recovery centers

Older teens can volunteer with disaster relief nonprofits to do more hands on work, like aiding in a shelter or sorting supplies ar their offices. 

Build a Home


Create simple "Thank You" cards for first responders + helpers

Help thank and encourage first responders and military members who aid in times of disaster. 

Image by kevin Xue


Organize a canned food drive in your community

You can help feed a family in need after a disaster by organizing a canned food drive. Get your friends and family together to support families through nonperishable food donations. 

Canned Food
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